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Goals and Objectives of the Australian Diabetes Society

The Australian Diabetes Society (ADS) is the peak medical and scientific body in Australia for diabetes. ADS is a national organisation founded in 1973. The ADS is a membership-based organisation consisting of predominantly Endocrinologists, Basic Science Researchers and Health Administration members. It is administered by a Board of Directors elected from membership who take on this role in an honorary capacity. The main aim of ADS is to enhance the welfare of individuals with diabetes mellitus through improving knowledge and understanding, producing management guidelines, training of health professionals and supporting diabetes research.

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  • Proposer must be a current financial member of ADS.

  • An email will be sent to your Proposer to verify your membership application to ADS.
  • If you don't have a Proposer; please upload a copy of your current CV to support your membership application. Please note that this option may delay the ratification process as we prefer for applicants to seek a Proposer (current ADS member) to support their membership application. A CV must be supplied if you don't have a proposer, otherwise your applciation will not be considered.

  • If you are applying for specialist, student or retired membership please upload your supporting documentation. Please refer to the ADS website at for details regarding membership categories and member benefits. It is important that the ADS Secretariat receives the requested supporting evidence for the above membership categories, otherwise your membership application will not be considered.

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