Promoting Optimal Diabetes Foot Care

Diabetes Foot

Diabetes-related foot complications affect at least 15% of all individuals with diabetes. They are the most common cause of lower limb amputation in developed countries and are the leading cause of hospitalisation for this patient group. Recent national data suggest that a lower limb is lost due to diabetes every two hours, with this rate increasing by 30% over the past decade.

Enhancing the clinical skills of health professionals in relation to foot care is an important strategy for preventing serious diabetic foot complications. This involves ensuring that health professionals can perform foot examinations for risk stratification, promote preventive foot care and manage basic diabetes-related foot complications. Health professionals also need to know when to refer individuals to specialist inter-disciplinary diabetic foot care units.

“Promoting Optimal Diabetes Foot Care” is a set of audio-visual resources based on national and international guidelines. The resources have been designed to help health professionals develop the clinical skills required to deliver high quality foot care to people with diabetes. The set is comprised of three learning modules:

  1. The Foot Examination
  2. Preventive Foot Care
  3. Managing Basic Diabetes Foot Complications